1.5 gm Forming Gold Jewellery

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We fulfills your

1.5 gm Forming Gold Jewellery

Flat 25% Off

A touch of glamour with Your Long Necklaces ...

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Jewelry is the most transformative thing you can wear

DEEVA is leading brand in Fashion Jewellery, established in Kolkata, the city of designer jewellery artisans, by a group of highly qualified & experienced professionals in Gems & Jewellery. Jewellery is most interesting article for human, whether He or She.

Jewellries are made of from Gold, Silver to Junk jewelleries, Fashion Jewellery creates a huge demands in society, whether its daily wear or party wear. Gold & Silver jewelleries are becoming such costly that it is mostly unaffordable for commons and safety risk is additional problem.

Sorting out this issue of all levels, DEEVA introduced such a Gold coated jewellery, which is not only satisfying your demand of jewellery, it will suit your budget also and of course risk free in your transit.

Our designer jewelleries are combination of Artisan thoughts & Current pattern.

A thing of Beauty is a Joy forever

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